Bone Broth

In our books having bone broth in the freezer at all times is essential, especially in these winter months. It makes it super convenient to make delicious healthy soups whenever the craving arises (which is always in the winter!).

Bone broth is a very healthy food to have in your diet. Here are some of the amazing things it helps to do: heals your intestinal system, good for your skin and nails, improves sleep, good for your bones and teeth, boosts your immunity, remineralizes the body and helps out your joints!

Here is the kicker for why you should make bone broth on a regular basis, it is super cheap and easy!

To prepare for a bone broth, you will want to freeze any bones from good quality meat (ie. organic, grass-fed, pasture raised). We typically use the bones from organic chicken and turkey. Also, freeze any vegetables that are starting to go (but with no mold) or any veggies you won’t be eating (ie. going on a vacation). When it comes times to make a bone broth throw them all into your biggest pot with some filtered water, raw apple cider vinegar (to pull the minerals out of the bones), let it sit for a couple hours then cook it for 12+ hours and you’re done! Super easy and delicious


Quality bones (organic, pasture raised, grass-fed, etc.)
Filtered water
1 cup Raw Apple Cider vinegar


1. Place bones and vegetables in the pot you will be using and cover with filtered water
2. Pour in the cup of apple cider vinegar and let it sit for 4 hours – overnight, this will help to pull out the minerals from the bones
3. Now turn it on to a boil and let it sit (do not stir it)
4. If you see any scum on the top (little foamy bubbles) scoop it off and discard)
5. Let it cook for 12+hours
6. Once it is done, strain and put it into jars, make it into soup or do both!

Here is what our latest batch made plus a giant pot of soup, we are very happy!