Dill Chickpea Burger

Lauren and I got back a couple days ago from a road trip to visit my brother and his family in New Jersey. We had a wonderful trip and ended up getting engaged on the way down! I was very nervous the couple days leading in as I was hoping my plan would come together. I had us booked at a beautiful cabin in upstate New York on a organic farm that had a view of the valley on the sunset. I drove frantically all day to get us there for sunset and we got there about 40 minutes before the sun was to go down. Our host Mark was wonderful, he showed us around his amazing farm before taking us to our cabin.

I spent a couple hours the day before on the phone with my brother who is a photographer determining how I could grab a shot of the proposal. He helped me to set it up so the camera would take a picture every 2 seconds for 10 minutes leaving ample time to sneak the shot.

As the sun started to reach the horizon I set up the camera and had Lauren walk out and pretended like I was setting up for a regular silhouette couple shot. Then I proposed and she said yes! Couldn’t be happier that my business partner is also my partner in life. We compliment each other so well and cannot wait for what the future brings.


The trip was overall amazing, engagement, seeing family and sometime in NYC and we ate some amazing healthy food along the way. We missed cooking though as it is a love for both of us so eager to get back in the kitchen we brainstormed this Dill Chickpea Burger in the car and decided it was time to bring it to life! This burger ended up being better then we imagined, filled with lots of nutrients and taste! The dill adds a really nice flavour to the burger and is a herb we don’t use that often but when we do we really do love it!

The recipe below makes 4 large burgers or many more smaller ones. If you make smaller ones we would recommend lowering the baking time so they do not dry out. If you make large one they each contain 13g of protein, 26g of carbs, 5g of fat and 6g of fibre.


1 cup Cooked Quinoa
1 can Chickpeas
1/2 Block of Tempeh
1/4 c Fresh Dill
1/4 c Red Onion
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 Clove of Garlic
1/2 tsp Sea Salt
1/2 tsp Black Pepper

1 tbsp Coconut Oil


1. Heat your oven to 375F bake
2. Open the can of chickpeas, drain the liquid and rinse. Add the Chickpeas the food processor and mix until it makes a paste.
3.  Cut your block of Tempeh in half. Slice the half you will be using into 1/2 cm thick slices. Using your hands crumble the Tempeh into your food processor.
4. Add the cooked Quinoa to the food processor and pulse until the Tempeh, Chickpeas and Quinoa are mixed.
5. Dice the Fresh Dill and Red Onion finely.
6. Use Garlic Press to crush clove of Garlic into the food processor.
7. Add the Dill, Red Onion, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Pepper to the food processor and pulse until all of the contents are mixed.
8. Using your hands make 4 burger patties out of the mixture.
9. Heat up a pan on medium-high heat and add the coconut oil to the pan.
10. Once hot add the burger patties and cooked for 3-4 mins on each side until golden brown.
11. Place the burger patties on baking sheet covered with parchment paper and bake at 375F for 20mins.
12. Take out of the oven and enjoy! We like to eat ours in a cabbage leaf with some homemade mayo 🙂

Dill Chickpea