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Movement 'Snacks' Workshop Notes:

Goal of the workshop: To help you integrate more movement throughout your day.

Why should we move more? 

- Life is movement
- Everything we do requires movement, from breathing to the simplest of activities
- Movement shuttles nutrients around the body
- Movement increases the ability of our tissues and joints to work properly
- Movement increases our resiliency to injury
- Movement improves cognitive function, reduces anxiety, stress and depression, increases energy, and increases positive feelings
- If we do not use our full range of motion or certain movements our body will take them away from us
- Helps us to age more gracefully so we can continue to express movement in the future.

Movement 'Snacks'

- CARS (Controlled Articular Rotations), joint circles. Can be done for every joint in the body from neck down to the toes. Do throughout the day for anything the feels stiff or any joint you would like to increase the mobility of. Think about only trying to move that specific joint (Ex. Neck try to make the biggest circle possible with your neck, keep your shoulders down and don't allow the to come into the movement). See video below.

- Chair exercises: dips, hip extensions, hip rotations, push-ups, split squats, seated cat cow, anything you can imagine! Note: Don't use a chair with wheels for these.

- Zen Archer: play with a partner in the office! Can be done with small movements like 'chops' towards their torso and feet stay stationary or can be a full body game where you need to move around.

- Deep breathing: moving our diaphragm is extremely important as it helps us to take deep breaths. Deep breathing helps to relax our nervous system and can lower stress. If you find yourself extremely stressed during a particular time of the day. Take a couple of minutes and practice breathing deeply into you belly, trying to fill it up with as much air as possible.

-  Other Options:  take the stairs, have walking meetings.

Course Lessons

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