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Q. How do you differ from other gyms?

We are not your typical gym. We have some core beliefs that we think differ from a lot of facilities. We believe you should love yourself unconditionally, we know this can be a hard thing to do in a world that tells us the opposite. We want you to come into our facility because you love yourself enough to live a healthy life. Now if you are not there that is ok, that is one of the things we help with.

We also differ by offering a variety of classes not just one type. This gives you the ability to work on improving your physical abilities in a variety of ways. We want our members to be well rounded in the physical ability so they can live their physical life to the fullest potential!

We also believe in a holistic picture of health, that is why we have a nutrition program included in the membership as well as access to meditation/mindfulness classes. If we don't eat properly or have the right mindset then that can really limit our ability to feel full of energy, happiness and vitality on a daily basis.

Our goal is for everyone to have the best life possible and we strive to make that a reality by providing high quality classes, programs and services for you to see the benefits from!

  • q-iconWhy the name Cocoon?

    A Cocoon symbolizes a lot of things, one of them being transformation. We believe transforming various aspects of our lives is needed to improve our health and well being. We help to facilitate that transformation by giving you the knowledge, guidance and services you need to achieve your goals. A Cocoon is also a safe space where transformation can take place, sometimes fitness facilities can be intimidating places, ours is welcoming and extremely supportive of everyone trying to improve themselves no matter where in the journey they are.

  • q-iconWhy do you have so many types of classes?

    Our various classes help to improve the many aspects of health and fitness, strength, stability, mobility/range of motion, mental strength, confidence, conditioning, stamina/endurance and mindfulness. You may prefer some classes over others and some may specifically be more beneficial to your goals, however, a mixture of all of them will help you improve your health and fitness the most.

  • q-iconWhat is Transform with Nutrition?

    Transform with Nutrition is a 6-week course developed by the owners of Cocoon Josh and Lauren both Certified Nutritional Practitioners (CNP). It is designed to improve the eating patterns of the course participants during the courses six weeks by making manageable changes one week at a time. This eating pattern is designed to improve anyone’s health, energy and vitality.

  • q-iconIs Transform with Nutrition included in a membership?

    Yes, if you purchase a membership to Cocoon for six months or longer you will receive lifetime access to Transform with Nutrition. Pairing nutritional support with fitness and mindfulness is the best way to improve health and transform.

  • q-iconWhat is included in my Cocoon membership?

    In your membership you will receive access to all of our scheduled fitness classes, meditation classes, access to the Transform with Nutrition, our online portal with exclusive member content, access to Cocoon seminars and preferred pricing for all of our additional services including Life Coaching, Personal Training, Energy Work and Advanced 1-on-1 Nutrition Consultations. At Cocoon we believe in a total mind, body and community approach, your membership gives you access to all of the tools necessary to upgrade your nutrition, fitness and mindset.

  • q-iconWill I be out of place if I'm not in shape?

    NO! Not at all, our amazing coaches can scale and adjust and of the workouts as necessary to your current ability while still allowing you to improve your physical ability. We all started somewhere and all that matters is that you start! The key is to show up and put forward your best effort that day whatever that looks like 🙂

  • q-iconWill the classes be challenging if I am in good shape already?

    Yes! Our classes are designed to push the ability of everyone’s fitness from beginner to advanced. If you are in good shape there is always room to improve and we are here to help you do that!

  • q-iconWhat is the max capacity for each class?

    Our different classes have different caps
    Strength & Conditioning: 12 people
    Yoga: 24 people
    Functional Mobility: 24 people
    Meditation: 24 people