Corporate Talks

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Nutrition, Mindfulness, Exercise, and Lifestyle talks.

Fun, interactive corporate talks on topics that suit the needs of your office.
Making living healthy and feeling great fun, with easy to implement strategies,
bringing the office together through the common goal of health and wellness.

  • Enhance health and wellness in the workplace
  • Improve quality of life for employees
  • Increase productivity by giving employees the tools to live healthier lives
  • Increase morale and comradery
  • Interactive talks and workshops customized to the needs of your office
  • Talks with easy to follow and implement life changing tools

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Sample Topics:

Mindfulness for Mental Health in the Workplace
Meditation for Stress Relief
Nutrition for Optimal Energy
10 Superfoods to Manage Stress
Movement Snacks: Integrating Movement into the Workplace
Exercise for Energy

And much more!
We will work with you to find the right topic for your workplace.

Cocoon Health & Fitness ran a very successful workshop for the Canadian Facebook & Instagram team. Their passion and enthusiasm was contagious. They made us all better informed and also gave us practical tools and exercises we couldn’t wait to integrate into our daily lives. Josh & Lauren did a wonderful job cultivating a fun, welcoming and engaging atmosphere that has improved health, camaraderie and morale throughout the office. Feedback from all attendees has been sensational and we are looking forward to planning more sessions with them. Running this workshop has been an excellent reminder to our employees of our innovative strategies as well as our care for their health and happiness. Thank you Josh & Lauren!

- Rebecca, Canadian Business Lead of Facebook Canada

We are absolutely passionate about living incredibly energetic, healthy, vital lives. The only thing we love as much as living it is teaching it. Corporate talks are a great way to increase the health, happiness and moral in the office by bringing wellness talks from professionals to your staff. Our talks are fun and engaging. We love talking on a range of topics including nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and lifestyle. Please contact us so we can discuss the specific topic that suits your team. Learning how to take better care of ourselves, body mind and spirit, changes the way we interact with each other, increases productivity at work and has a ripple effect through our lives. Show just how much you care for your employees by booking your wellness talk today.

Josh and Lauren hold talks individually and as a team. Josh is a functional fitness expert. He is a skilled personal trainer, enthusiastically helping his clients make phenomenal life changes, discovering the bodies they’ve always dreamed of. To learn more about his fitness background, visit the About Us page. Both Josh and Lauren are Certified Nutritional Practitioners, using holistic nutrition to help people optimize their health. Lauren is also a Life Skills Coach and Reiki master, helping people bring mindfulness into their lives with vibrant energy. Their combined knowledge create life changing, informative corporate talks.

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Contact us by emailing to set up your session.
Let's talk about how corporate talks can help transform your corporate culture today!