Personal Nutrition Coaching

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  • One on one personalized sessions
  • Using the natural healing power of food to make you feel great
  • Helping you reach your goals: more energy, weight loss, increased health, etc!
  • Steady manageable changes to build lasting habits and a vital life
  • Teaching you how to love your body, mind, and spirit by fueling for success
  • Sessions available over phone or in person
  • Starts with a detailed intake to personalize your journey with food through ongoing sessions

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Let's talk about how we can use nutrition to enhance your life and health today!

You are a being of infinite potential and we want to help you awaken that potential! Nutrition is the backbone of true health for the whole self (mind, body & spirit). Without proper nutrition many health problems will inevitably rise and through proper nutrition we can prevent and start healing health issues.

Health is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to our loved ones. It is such a blessing and proper nutrition is vital to keeping and enhancing it. We all have the power to make amazing lasting changes in our lives and this power is amplified with informed, specialized guidance. You have a purpose on this planet and fueling yourself correctly is vital to fulfilling that purpose and making the impact you are intended to.

Personalized nutrition coaching allows us to determine your personal goals and see where your health currently is. Through an intake process we gather as much information as we can about your current health which helps us to paint a picture of what needs to be done. We then work in individual sessions to help make manageable changes for improved vitality. These sessions also give us the ability to discuss any challenges you may be facing and how we can overcome them. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and support you deserve to awaken your fire and light within.

We are happy to have a free discussion with your about Personalized Nutrition Coaching and about our philosophy. If you're interested in a free consultation please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Contact us by emailing to set up your free consultation today.
Let's talk about how we can use nutrition to enhance your life and health today!

See What Some of Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Josh is incredibly down to earth and approachable in explaining the concepts of food and how it correlates with your body functions. He was more than happy and patient to answer any questions I had, and would make himself available if I had additional concerns. Overall, Josh is passionate and knowledgeable and lives what he teaches! He empowered and inspired me to see food and sugar differently - that the body works in conjunction in what we put in, and the outcomes if we don't make the necessary changes for our health and lifestyle.


In April 2016, I tore my Achilles tendon while playing in a football game. Prior to surgery, I met with Lauren about diet, nutrition, and supplementation to assist with the recovery process. Lauren made recommendations to ensure that I was able to go into surgery and begin my recovery with the right mix of supplements and nutrition to maximize the effectiveness of the process. Thanks to Laurens recommendations, I was able to reduce inflammation and pain while accelerating my healing and recovery. I was able to recover from my injury ahead of schedule, largely in part due to the diet and supplementation recommendations from Lauren. Lauren did a fantastic job of evaluating my needs, making recommendations, and providing ongoing monitoring and check ins with me to ensure that the process was a pleasant and effective one. Thanks Lauren!