Reiki Sessions and Courses

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Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a soft touch therapy that balances and renews your energy, promoting relaxation and healing through the subtle flow and channeling of life force energy.

  • Balances mind, body, spirit and emotions
  • Promotes the body’s natural healing abilities
  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Helps you softly process different life events by balancing energy
  • Leaves you feeling renewed and more in touch with your whole being (spiritual reconnection)
  • In person and distance sessions available

Reiki is a spiritually connecting, body, mind, and emotionally healing gentle therapy. Reiki helps to bring the body into a natural balance, releasing energy blockages and filling the body with loving universal energy. It works based on the concept that we are all energy, the universe is all energy and that energy can be channeled for healing purposes. The receiver lays, fully clothed, on a massage table while Lauren, the practitioner gently lays her hands on the receiver’s body to allow the flow of energy. It’s a beautiful practice that helps you reconnect on a soul level, allowing us each to approach life with a renewed passion.

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Reiki Courses

Learning reiki is a life changing practice. It allows you to heal on deeply personal level, and gives you the gift of using this healing practice with others. It is a beautiful practice, a natural energy technique that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy to restore and balance.

  • Courses available one on one and in groups
  • Reiki Level 1 Certification
  • Reiki Level 2 Certification
  • Reiki Masters / Teachers Certification
  • In each level students are attuned to Reiki energy and receive a certificate

Teaching Reiki is absolutely magical. If you feel a calling towards Reiki please contact me and we can talk about whether I (Lauren) am the right teacher for you. It is an absolute gift attuning people to Reiki energy and I would be honored to take you on this journey.

My journey with Reiki and energy healing has expanded my life, bringing in so much joy and happiness and a greater understanding of the life I'm living. I love sharing Reiki through sessions and teaching courses because I know if you are feeling the calling towards Reiki it's meant to change your life too.

Additional Energy Healing Services Available

Axiatonal Alignment (Sessions and courses available)
Chakra Healing and Reading
Angel Card Readings

Please inquire for details. Additional practices can be done individually or combined with Reiki.

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Let's talk about how we can use reiki to enhance your life today!

See What Some of Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Receiving a healing session from Lauren is absolute heaven. She is super gentle, intuitive and loving. I felt held and nurtured in ways that I hadn't been before. In her presence I could relax fully, my mind was silenced and I came out clear about various decisions I needed to make in my life.


I have had the pleasure of taking my Reiki Level 1 training with Lauren and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! I went into the course without knowing what to expect, and Lauren’s kindness and calming energy instantly made me feel at ease. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has an obvious passion for health, energy work and healing. She has a gift for sharing that knowledge with others, in a way that is both practical and inspiring. Her kindness, sincerity and beautiful soul shine through her teachings. I feel immensely grateful to have had the privilege to learn from Lauren, and would highly recommend her services - both as a healer and teacher - to anyone.