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In just four weeks of working with Josh, I am stronger, leaner and far more knowledgeable about nutrition. Each workout session with Josh is different and well thought out. If you are looking for a trainer to motivate, inspire and educate, Josh is your secret weapon.


In the short year that I have known Josh, he enabled such a difference, such a radical impact to my well being, it is nothing short of a miracle 🙂

I look forward to every training session knowing that it will be perfectly tailored to my physical ability on the day. It will be challenging, and yet the encouragement will carry me through, I will still feel great and look forward to the next one! Josh always makes the workouts interesting and never ceases to amaze me with his ability to fire up yet another muscle group and make yet another ever so slight adjustment that makes a difference.

It is with his vast knowledge and skillful  communication that I was able to change my eating habits and start turning my lifestyle around to become healthier and stronger.

It is with his support that I was able to quit smoking. The list goes on... Josh's ability to look at the whole person in everything he does is truly transformative. Josh radiates this positive sense of calm and strength ---  it is so uplifting. The energy and the outlook he shares, his knowledge and ability to inspire are fit to move mountains!


Coach Josh, Thank you, for your tireless effort to inspire and motivate me. Your relentless motivation and guidance has molded me to become not only a good rugby player but a better person. You have made me discover my inner strengths and that means a lot to me.


When I started training with Coach Josh, I wasn’t entirely sure if I had another level of Athleticism in me that I can reach. I was okay physically with strange little knee injuries that I just ignored, and used as an excuse to stay on a comfortable plateau. Scaled workouts were okay, modified workouts were okay, not actually pushing myself as hard as I could was okay.

I’m convinced Josh was able to help me maintain my condition to carry my through what eventually ended up to being a difficult pregnancy. It’s also because of Josh’s pointers and training that I was able to make a lightning fast recovery so I can keep up with my little guy.


You deserve amazing health and to be filled with vitality. No matter where you are starting out we can get you to where you want to be. We will help you along the way by designing workouts tailored to your fitness level and your goals. During sessions we will also work on improving your movement patterns to ensure long term health and injury prevention.

Benefits of at home training:
- Time efficient
- No travel time / costs
- No equipment need all is brought to you
- No gym fees / membership costs
- Workout around your schedule

Sessions range from $100 - $65 depending on the package size.

When you sign up for a 1-on-1 personal training package you will also receive nutritional nutritional support, when it comes to accomplishing health goals nutrition is over half the battle.

We know there are many benefits to exercise and it can help us accomplish our goals but if our lifestyle and nutrition do not support us then we are simply going to be running in place. I am a certified nutritionist, meaning I have the capacity to help optimize your nutrition to fit you and your goals. None of us are biochemically the same so why should we all get the same nutrition or fitness plan? It is time for a personalized, caring approach one that comes from a place of support and dedication to serving you.

Joshua Graham (CNP, CF-L2, FRCms, MovNat Level 2 Trainer, AMA)

Joshua Graham is a Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist in Toronto. He has a deep passion for helping people improve their health and lives through nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle practices. Josh has had his own health struggles in the past from being overweight to depression. Since then he has revolutionized his health through exercise and nutrition and now he wants to share these secrets and this passion with you. Josh has coached over 1000 hours of functional fitness classes and have helped numerous clients become healthier and happier. Josh is a certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach, a MovNat level 2 Coach, a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms), a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, certified in CrossFit Mobility and the Athletic Movement Assessment Lower Body system.

Josh has a lot of experience helping clients increase their mobility, lose weight, gain muscle, improve endurance, stamina and increase strength. If you have a goal to improve your health Josh will help. Send him an email at

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Josh takes a concerted effort to your individual needs to achieve your fitness goal. The attention to detail to your physical exercises cater to your current lifestyle. He will push you to your limit without overwhelming you. He's is patient, calm, knowledgeable and very charismatic! Before him I could consider myself a couch potato but now I no longer belong to that lifestyle. He taught me the stretches I needed and how to slowly graduate from a absolutely zero exercise to my conquering worse enemy: running. I highly recommend him!


Josh is incredibly down to earth and approachable in explaining the concepts of food and how it correlates with your body functions. He was more than happy and patient to answer any questions I had, and would make himself available if I had additional concerns. Overall, Josh is passionate and knowledgeable and lives what he teaches! He empowered and inspired me to see food and sugar differently - that the body works in conjunction in what we put in, and the outcomes if we don't make the necessary changes for our health and lifestyle.


Josh is a dedicated coach. He follows up regularly with solid, tailored advice and a genuine interest in my progress and adapts his advice to my life experience/input. I've already lost a bunch of weight I was having trouble losing, but more than that I feel healthier and more energetic when I follow his advice. From nutritional advice to water intake to tailored workouts, he provides a really great, understandable outline of what it takes to be healthy. Definitely take advantage of Josh's coaching if you can.


When I started with Josh I believed I was nonathletic and never going to be fit. Through working together he has showed me just how wrong my thinking was! I can now do over 10 push-ups on the ground, 3 strict pull-ups and lots of other amazing things, I still can't believe! I have lost over 7% body fat and put on over 8lb of lean muscle, I am also much more toned. These gains have also translated over to other areas of my life increasing my confidence and my abilities to overcome whatever comes my way!


You may not feel 'ready' but here is the secret, we are almost never 'ready.' When we look at our goals they may seem insurmountable but all we can do is focus on them day by day and ask for help when we need it.

I am here to support you on your journey to provide you motivation, expertise and guidance along the way.

There will always reasons not to take that first step and we can dwell on those reasons or we can say "fuck it" and take that step.

If you want to be healthier, happier, have more energy, lower stress then it is time to take that step, no more playing the waiting game, it's time. Take the first step and together we will crush your goals, improve your health and give your life the jump start you've been looking for!

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If you have different goals then losing fat and putting on lean muscle then that is ok. I have lots of experience helping clients in a variety of ways from improve mobility, reverse pains/aches that have plagued them for years to improving their coordination.

Whatever you want to achieve let me know and lets see if I can help you get there.

In Health,
Joshua Graham