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Get in amazing shape with your own personalized fitness routine designed for your fitness level and your goals! No matter where you workout whether it is at home or in a gym I tailor your program to fit your needs and to get you where you want to go.

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Personalized Online Training

Your body is unique and amazing. It deserves a training program that is designed specifically for your body and your goals. I work to adapt the program to accommodate injuries, time constraints and equipment availability.

  • Weekly workouts

    Get workouts tailored to you and your goals so you can see consistent progress and gains. Must commit to at least 3 workouts/week.

  • Feel 10 years younger

    Rewind the clock and lets get you feeling the best you ever have

  • E-mail Support

    Ask as many questions you would like about the program

  • 1-On-1 Private Chat

    All of our options start with a 1-on-1 private intake so I can create the best program for you and your goals.

  • Accomplish your goals

    With a program that creates a road map for your success

  • Time Effecient

    I tailor the program to your time so we can maximize the results

*All prices in Canadian dollars

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What Some of our Awesome Clients Say:

Dear Coach Josh, thank you, for your tireless effort to inspire and motivate me. Your relentless motivation and guidance has molded me to not only a good rugby player but a better person. You have made me discover my inner strengths and that means a lot to me


In the short year that I have known Josh, he enabled such a difference, such a radical impact to my well being, it is nothing short of a miracle. I look forward to every training session knowing that it will be perfectly tailored to my physical ability on the day. It will be challenging, and yet the encouragement will carry me through, I will still feel great and look forward to the next one! Josh always makes the workouts interesting. It is with his vast knowledge and skillful  communication that I was able to change my eating habits and start turning my lifestyle around to become healthier and stronger. It is with his support that I was able to quit smoking. The list goes on... Josh's ability to look at the whole person in everything he does is truly transformative. Josh radiates this positive sense of calm and strength ---  it is so uplifting. The energy and the outlook he shares, his knowledge and ability to inspire are fit to move mountains!


Josh takes his time to help with any problems I might have, correcting my postures and advising me on how to alleviate my pains. With his coaching I've smashed many of my PR's as a result. For all those times I've doubted myself and been a suck, his encouragement and cheerfulness has kept me going.


Everyday is a new opportunity to rise and decide it is time to make a change